JNU Syllabus 2023: Section-Wise PDF Download

Are you a student getting ready for the entrance tests for Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)? In order to successfully arrange your study, you need the most recent syllabus. We will give you the complete JNU Syllabus for the year 2023 in this page. The syllabus is broken down into sections, and you can download the PDF files for each section for your convenience. Let’s dive in and examine the curriculum to provide you the tools you need to excel at your studies.

Section A General Knowledge and Current Affairs syllabus

  • Local, regional, and global events
  • The study of politics and current events
  • Policies and Social Issues
  • Environmental science and ecology, as well as science
  • Economy of India
  • Awards and Sports

English Language Skills Section B Syllabus

  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Understanding of Reading
  • Writing Abilities
  • Annotations and Synonyms
  • Idioms and Expressions
  • Paraphrasing Correction

 Analytical and Logical Reasoning Section C Syllabus

  • Verbal Analysis
  • Intuitive Reasoning
  • Analogies and Relationships Data Interpretation Coding and Decoding
  • Critical Analysis

Section D: Subject-Specific Knowledge syllabus

According to the particular discipline or programme you are applying for, Section D’s course requirements change. It goes into great detail on the issue and relates subjects. For a complete subject-by-subject syllabus, please consult the relevant programme brochure or the official JNU website.

English Language Proficiency Section E Language Proficiency Test Syllabus

Language proficiency in Hindi

Knowledge of a regional language (relevant to some programmes)

 Section F: Research Methodology and Aptitude Syllabus

  • Research Techniques and Methods
  • Analysis and Interpretation of Data
  • Science Ethics
  • Writing Research Proposals

Computer and information technology section G syllabus

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Web and Internet Technologies
  • Computer Programmes
  • Data Security and Management

 Section H: Quantitative Ability syllabus

  • Number Theory and Mathematics
  • Geometry and algebra
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Interpreting data
  • Mental Calculation

 Descriptive and analytical writing section I syllabus

Writing an essay Writing a report Writing a paragraph Writing an argumentative essay

Section J Comprehensive Viva Voce Syllabus

The purpose of the viva voce is to evaluate the candidate’s general knowledge, comprehension, and fit for the particular programme. It might encompass a variety of subjects connected to the discipline of choice.

You ought to now have a firm grasp of the various sections and their associated syllabi for the JNU entrance exam 2023. Please visit the official JNU website or consult the programme brochure of your choice if you would like to download the section-by-section PDFs of the syllabus.


The JNU entrance exam needs complete knowledge of the subject and a well-organized study schedule. JNU makes sure that applicants may concentrate on particular regions and efficiently cover the relevant topics by structuring the syllabus into sections. Don’t forget to give each area enough time, practise with past years’ test questions, and ask for advice from knowledgeable mentors or instructors. You can improve your chances of passing the JNU entrance exam and open the door to a promising academic future with commitment and methodical study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is the JNU Syllabus 2023 available online?

Ans: Yes, you can access the JNU Syllabus 2023 online at the JNU website.

Ques: Has the course curriculum changed from past years?

Ans: For the most precise and recent information regarding the JNU entrance exam, it is advised to refer to the most recent curriculum.

Ques: Can I get the syllabus’s section-by-section PDFs?

Ans: Yes, the JNU Syllabus 2023 section-by-section PDFs are available for download from the JNU website or the programme brochure.

Ques: What should my preparation strategy be depending on the syllabus?

Ans: Make a study plan that allots enough time to cover each topic on the curriculum. Put your attention on comprehending the principles, practising the practise questions, and constantly reviewing.

Ques: Is JNU entrance exam tutoring required?

Ans: Although it is not required, coaching can offer helpful advice and tools to improve your preparation. If you need further assistance, think about getting coaching.

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