How fleet software can maximise efficiency, compliance and safety?

As fascinating as the functioning of the construction or logistics industry sounds, managing a fleet of vehicles is not an easy task. There are countless factors that fleet managers have to consider to ensure the smooth functioning of fleet operations. These factors that we are referring to here involve certain aspects that come hand in hand with fleet operations, namely Fuel Monitoring, Driver Behaviour Analysis, Route Planning, Vehicle Tracking, and Compliance and Regulation.

Now, how do fleet managers ensure that all these factors are being taken care of? Here comes the role of fleet software. Let’s dive deeper into it. 

What is Fleet Management Software(FMS)?

As the name suggests, fleet management software is used in the management of fleets. All the factors we mentioned above get covered in this software. Since fleet managers cannot efficiently keep track of their vehicle’s status every minute, FMS comes to the rescue.

According to recent stats, the Indian Fleet Management Software Market has anticipated growth of 15.2% and is further expected to grow in the coming years. Could you think about the possible reasons for this growth? If not, we’ll tell you some.

Ever since the fleet industry has grown over the years, the demand for a platform that will allow fleet managers to run their operations smoothly has increased. Therefore, more and more businesses are eventually shifting towards FMS rather than manually managing their fleets.

Now that you’ve understood what fleet management software is, step by step, we’ll guide you on how it can help in increasing efficiency, and safety and ensuring compliance.


What is Fleet efficiency?

Fleet efficiency is the ability of a fleet management system to manage its operations and resources in a way that leads to maximum productivity and performance while reducing costs and waste. In simpler terms, how efficiently a fleet is operating in terms of meeting customer demands, ensuring on-time delivery of goods and services and achieving business goals.


How does FMS help in increasing Fleet efficiency? 

Here are some features of FMS that help in Fleet efficiency;

Route Planning

Assigning the most efficient route to drivers becomes an easier task with FMS. Considering the factors such as location, time and road size fleet managers get the freedom to optimize routes for drivers ensuring on-time delivery and improving customer satisfaction. 


Fuel Management

Fuel Management software allows fleet managers to monitor fuel consumption levels in real time along with the location and speed of the vehicle. Besides this, the software offers relevant insights into the fuel levels of the vehicle in moving and static states. Going above and beyond to prevent fuel theft, fuel management software also sends instant alerts in case of sudden fuel drainage.  


Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Monitoring driving behaviour and identifying harmful driving patterns are the two most important steps towards increasing fleet efficiency and ensuring the safety of drivers, fleet and consignment as a whole. Video Telematics software allows fleet managers to visually monitor the on-road and in-cabin activities of the drivers, thus offering a way to ensure driver efficiency. 

What is Fleet safety? 

As the name suggests, fleet safety involves the process of ensuring the safety of vehicles, consignment and drivers as a whole. It includes the set of practices adopted by businesses to keep all three pillars of fleet software operations safe.


How does FMS help in increasing Fleet safety? 

Here are some features of FMS that help in Fleet safety ;


Real-time tracking

With the help of GPS tracking devices, FMS helps fleet managers track the location, speed and overall performance of their vehicles in real-time. 


Video Telematics Software

This is one of the most reliable solutions for fleet management software. It helps in the visual supervision of the vehicles, consignments and drivers. Two major components of this software are; 


Advanced Driver Assistance System( ADAS) 

Advanced Driver Assistance System( ADAS) is designed to help fleet managers monitor the on-road activities of the drivers with respect to vehicle surroundings. In ADAS, dash cameras are installed facing the road. Through these cameras, fleet managers get the accessibility of the road and get instant alerts if there’s a possibility of collision. The system also alerts the drivers in such cases by activating the collision alarm in the vehicle. 


Driver Management System (DMS)

Driver Management System allows fleet managers to monitor the in-cabin activities of a driver. In DMS, dash cameras are installed facing the drivers. Through these dashcams, fleet managers can access driver activities. If they participate in any practice involving the safety of the vehicle such as smoking, using mobile phones or blocking the camera, the system sends photographs to fleet managers, enabling them to take immediate action.


What is Fleet Compliance? 

Fleet Compliance refers to the adherence of fleet software or organizations to a set of guidelines, policies and standards imposed by government authorities. Some of the key areas of fleet compliance include; 

  • Driver Qualifications: Ensuring the drivers meet all the required qualifications including valid certifications, licenses and medical clearances.
  • Vehicle Regulations: A set of regulations imposed by government authorities regarding the registration, licensing and inspection of vehicles. 
  • Hours of Service (HOS): To prevent driver fatigue and ensure their safety as well as the safety of the vehicles and other vehicles on the road, HOS regulations limit the number of hours a driver can operate a vehicle. 
  • AIS-140: AIS stands for Automotive Industry Regulations. It includes certain guidelines released by the Automotive Industry Standard Committee (AISC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways (MoRTH) for hardware, software and server. 


How does FMS help in ensuring compliance?

Fleet Management Software by TrackoBit is a tailor-made software where we modify our solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses. We understand that compliance is one of the important aspects of running a fleet business. Therefore, our software is well-equipped with solutions that help businesses comply with government guidelines.

Summing up, this was all about how Fleet Management Software can maximize efficiency and ensure safety and compliance. To know what we can do for your business, get in touch with our team today!

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