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Rebuilding in Brisbane is actually part of the popular style in home building called knockdown rebuild. This one is exactly how it sounds: you knock down your existing home and rebuilding a new one in its place. 

This popular choice of many homeowners who own properties in a suburb or community they love and want to stay in the same area, but the house is not suitable anymore for their present needs and there are no other land options available. 


Popular choice

The idea of knocking down the existing home and then rebuilding a new home from the ground up, can be appealing. This especially true if the existing home requires extensive renovations to make it what you want. T could also be what you want to completely reimagine and redesign a new home. 


A knockdown Rebuild Brisbane can also be a great option for homeowners who want to think outside the square a little. This is not only building a new home but also considering the incorporation of additional housing options or investment opportunities. 


Building two or more homes in one, for example, such as a duplex or a dual living is one good reason to knock down an existing house and rebuild on the same site.


The builder


After the knockdown and getting a new perspective at the place, the very first thing to look for is a reputable and experience builder. He should be one that knows and is experienced in knockdown rebuilds.


Better still, he has local area knowledge and is going to be far better than choosing a builder who has no experience in demolition, no local area knowledge or only knows how to build new homes in new land estates. 


A custom home builder is where you ideally should start looking. if you take the time to get to know them and get an understanding of the projects they have worked on, you will have much more confidence in the project and will enjoy the process a lot more. 


Also to be considered are some things like the community amenities and some things you also need to consider. One is the particularimpact on your immediate neighbours all throughout the process. 


As a knockdown rebuild generally happens in a well-established neighbourhood, it can have greater impacts than a standard new build. 


The things you need to consider include the increased cars, material deliveries and noise that will affect your neighbours during construction It’s important to keep communication open with anyone who could be impacted so they are well aware of what is happening and when so the disruption is minimized. 




It is also worth considering to give extra attention to the design of your new home on a knockdown rebuild project. You may want to consider a design that works with the existing location of all services onsite to reduce costs. 


Or, you may want to reorientate the new home and consider your window placement carefully to take better advantage of natural sunlight and cross ventilation.


The existing landscaping may also need to be factored in.  This is especially true if you have some structural retaining walls, inground pools or established trees that you want to retain. 


All of these not only have to fit within the design of the new home, they will also need to be protected during the construction process to ensure they are not damaged.


Other things to consider


Depending on your particular case, the approval process for your new home could also take a little longer. This is particularly true if you are requesting relaxations on the site or the new structure is significantly different to the old one. 


For example, you may be replacing a single-storey with a double-storey or a dual dwelling. 


Rebuilding advantages


There are several reasons why a knockdown rebuild would be preferable over a new build in another location or buying a new house elsewhere. Most of these reasons come down to the location of the land. 


You may have found the perfect location but there is an existing home on the site. You may have lived in your home for years but your family dynamic or circumstances have changed and your existing home is no longer suitable. 


Your family may have strong ties to the area. Your children go to the local school, you work locally, you live in a premium spot you can’t find elsewhere or you simply love the area and you don’t want to leave. There are many reasons why rebuilding in an existing location can be a better option than relocating elsewhere. 


Sometimes, it may also be more cost-effective to knockdown and rebuild than it would be to buy land elsewhere and build. If the land value in the area where you live is high, the long-term value of the property can increase significantly by knocking down an existing home and building a more desirable home for future buyers if you ever decide to sell. 


Relocating to another area can also come with a lot of unknowns that could impact your lifestyle. Your neighbourhood dynamics, future developments and the unknowns of buying an existing home elsewhere can all be avoided by rebuilding where you already live.

Basic rebuilding


Starting from scratch also allows for more freedom when it comes to the style and inclusions in your new home. You have the opportunity to incorporate more sustainability and energy-efficient features into the home. 


Another advantage is that you can redesign the entire floor plan, and you can choose a brand-new style rather than working with the style of the existing home. A rebuild can also remove any issues the old house (poor insulation, less than ideal orientation and outdated wiring, for example).


There is a lot to consider when it comes to a knockdown rebuild, and while it won’t be an option for some, for others it might be the ideal solution. The best way to work out if it’s the right solution for you and your family is to speak to an experienced knockdown rebuild specialist. 

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