List of Tennessee Professions That Don’t Need Background Checks

In Bridgestone Arena, residents were put on high alert after a rape incident involving a cleaning worker who hadn’t undergone a proper background check.

Local news outlets learned that workers in such professions do not need background checks, and thus could be endangering the lives of residents in the community.

According to reports, it is company policy that workers in the building have a background check. However, it is not a state requirement. The state doesn’t even mandate checks for people who work very closely with kids.

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“This is how you can tell it is safe to enter into people’s houses,” a resident said

According to the state, background checks shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

Substitute teachers and bus drivers of private schools, janitors, nannies are not on the list used by TBI to check for who needs background checks.

“House cleaners, window cleaners, garden cleaners. You are bringing these people into your homes, to your family and private residence without even knowing who they are, and what they are capable of doing, “APPS security professional Buford Tune said.

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The TBI website keeps an extensive list of positions in the state and federal government that require a background check. The list, which was last updated in 2014, is almost three pages.

At the bottom of the list, there are a few contracted and private-sector jobs.

Some of the jobs that need the search include adult entertainers and bail bond agents. Those exempted from the list include vendors, operators, and contractors of daycares.

According to Tune,” Any profession that requires specific individuals coming in contact with other people, most especially children that may put them at risk, should have a background check carried out.”

In addition, those exempted include construction workers and installation crews. Mind you, each company can choose to carry out background checks if it is part of their employment policy.

“You don’t want to endanger the lives of people. You don’t want any person to walk into the homes of others and be a danger to them,” one resident said.

Tune mentions that background checks are done with the help of various law enforcement agencies.

They cost around $45, and they are carried out via the NCIC database.

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