Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: Harnessing AI Tools for Success


A one-of-its-kind martech stack, Toolcano is one of the few websites, which provide all the relevant information of the tools in the digital marketing realm.

What is Toolcano?

Toolcano is a multi-utility martech stack which includes most of the common and uncommon tools used by digital marketers. These tools range from SEO tools, PPC tools, lead generation and creative tools which can help you take hold of your digital marketing campaigns. Toolcano covers 19+ categories of digital tools which are guaranteed to ease the digital marketing process.

Why Toolcano?

Toolcano helps you out by providing a one-stop-solution for all your marketing tool needs. By covering almost every aspect of digital marketing tools under its umbrella, it helps you reduce the time spent in researching the tools for any particular task, allowing you to focus more on your marketing strategy rather than on the research for the appropriate tools.

How will it help marketers?

Toolcano provides all the tools required in a digital marketing setup, under one roof. You can say that it helps marketers by doing all the research for new tools and uploading them on the portal for easy access, to reduce the time spent in research by a significant amount. It also provides marketers and non-marketers with tutorial videos from official channels which would give them a better understanding of how the tools work and if it satisfies their working conditions, helping them finalise the tools much more easily.

Which categories are the most popular on Toolcano?

Some of the most popular tool categories based on AI on Toolcano are

1. AI based SEO

The most popular and most vast category in the digital marketing field. SEO tools are one of the most researched tools and that is why it is one of the most sought after tool categories. SEO tools have flooded the market in the past few years and with the onset of Artificial Intelligence or AI, SEO tools have evolved into multi-purpose tools, performing different tasks with the help of AI. AI tools have taken over various tasks in the SEO industry and function very well performing those tasks, be it plagiarism checker or keyword analysis or even performing the website analysis.

2. AI based Email Marketing

One of the most popular tool categories on Toolcano is the AI based email marketing tools. Email marketing tools itself are one of the most sought after tools because of their utility and importance. Integrate it with AI and you have a powerhouse at your disposal. It enables you to differentiate out the active email addresses from the inactive ones. It also helps you in building cold emails and thank you emails, among different types of emails required for your email marketing campaigns.

3. AI based Text to Image and Video Generators

Another important category where AI is leading the charge. AI has taken the design industry by a storm by providing tools which can generate images and videos based on text inputs. These tools provide a prompt box or a description box in which you are required to enter your idea and it designs an image or generates a video for you, which you can edit according to your preference. The colours and graphics can be changed, giving it a new look.

4. AI based Website Generators

Want to build a website for your business, but lack the coding skills used to build a website. Well, there are many AI tools listed on Toolcano which will help you build a website by just entering your idea in the prompt box. These AI tools build the basic website based on your inputs and allow you to make changes on the webpages in terms of layout and colours. It allows you to customise your website without the hassles of changing the codes.

5. AI based Presentation Generators

Making presentations has got you flustered? Want to have some ease while making the presentations, and want your presentations to look amazing. Well, AI has got you covered. AI has been incorporated in many amazing tools and many tools have been designed around AI, which help you generate presentations with only a command. You just enter the topic of your presentation, and within a few minutes, the outline of the presentation is ready, allowing you to make changes and edit the presentation according to your choice.

AI has taken the digital marketing tools by a storm, allowing many tools to incorporate AI into their system , and some new tools to be developed alongside AI, using AI at each step of the process, and reducing the workload of the people.


Toolcano is helping you by providing all the tools under one roof, by researching for the new and upcoming tools, it reduces your workload and saves your time which otherwise would have been spent on researching for the perfect tool for your campaign.

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