IPL Cinema – Costume Critique – Fashion at IPL Matches Vs Movies

This digital platform quickly gained attention through a combination of unique differentiators such as multilingual commentary, stadium-like experience and its innovative bird’s eye camera view feature. Furthermore, its mobile experience was outstanding.


As India’s premier sports league, IPL events boast an enormous following that make them an effective marketing vehicle for companies in the consumer electronics sector. Because of this, sponsor budgets tend to be larger for IPL events than for other sporting events; this budget covers hiring celebrities for advertisements that reach wide audiences as well as stadium rental fees, equipment costs and production expenses for television broadcasts and digital streaming.

The Indian Premier League, or IPL, is an enormous media event with millions of viewers each year. As such, it provides media companies that broadcast it a significant source of revenue while serving as an effective marketing platform for businesses to sponsor it and endorse players and sponsors – leading some critics to suggest its focus on advertising has diluted its quality as a sport.

Mukesh Ambani’s JioCinema recently won digital rights for five-years to stream Indian Premier League (IPL), potentially altering South Asia’s streaming landscape. While Hotstar charged users, JioCinema decided instead to stream IPL for free across Airtel, Jio, BSNL, and Vodafone users with mobile broadband connections – offering multiple commentaries as well as bird’s-eye camera views praised as user experience highlights.

JioCinema’s free IPL streaming, advertised with cricket star MS Dhoni as its spokesperson, is being touted as the ideal way to watch IPL matches. These advertisements reflect how consumers are now viewing live sports: interactivity has become a must across lifestyle digital services; screen gestures such as scrolling, swiping, pinching, zooming and scrubbing have become muscle memory for them; this campaign from JioCinema seeks to change this expectation by giving viewers unprecedented control over their experience – giving viewers unprecedented control over their viewing experience of live sporting events!

As JioCinema competes with global OTT players, it aims to expand its content offerings while keeping tariffs affordable for Indian audiences. Aiming to become “a catalyst for cross pollination in the industry,” former Netflix executive Deshpande has stated that they want their company to build an ecosystem around Indian talent as well as address India’s price-sensitive market, international streaming giants are cutting prices to attract viewers.


Cricket offers plenty of material for screen drama. With all its glamour, sexiness and backroom dealings – not to mention its many scandals – cricket lends itself perfectly for film adaptation. No wonder that its league’s controversy-laden two-season show has proven so successful!

Reliance Entertainment acquired the rights to broadcast the IPL for streaming via JioCinema this year in partnership with Viacom18. Reliance’s IPL streaming strategy reflects their desire to attract consumers in an extremely price-sensitive market; unlike TV which forces its own viewing experience on viewers, JioCinema allows fans to interact with it using fan-centric digital offerings; giving the viewer unprecedented control over how they watch matches. Consumers are already adopting interactive digital services throughout their lifestyle digital services – swiping, pinching and zooming are part of everyday digital lifestyle digital services so this strategy makes perfect sense in an increasingly price sensitive market.


While some may argue that screening cricket matches will hurt movie halls, it also represents an ideal chance for new releases to reach an audience. This year, film industry executives have learned their lesson and won’t release any big budget multi-starrer films during IPL matches – this allows theatres to screen smaller movies more frequently while giving Jio Cinema an advantage over other streaming platforms.

Jio Cinema successfully reached 22 million concurrent viewers during an Indian Premier League match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals on Jio Cinema for free streaming, shattering Disney+ Hotstar’s previous record of 18.6 million concurrent viewers. Mukesh Ambani’s decision to stream free on Jio Cinema not only gains traffic but also offers viewers an enhanced viewing experience; features like multilingual commentary and multiple camera angles including bird’s-eye view camera make this platform exceptional in providing both on-field experience as well as viewing from home.

Though most viewers of Indian Premier League matches watch them from their living rooms, many do not have a direct interest in cricket and simply watch as entertainment. Many viewers enjoy its drama and fashion to pass the time. Advertisers have taken note of this desire for entertainment by creating ads that target spectators directly.

as per Pioneer Epaper, Dream11 ran an advertisement depicting a president of a cricket board whose daughter owns stake in one team (Srinivasan). She demonstrates trust in her young players as they perform at IPL matches not just to win but fulfill family duties as well. It represents an attempt by Dream11 to break stereotypes and give voice to female cricket fans that often aren’t heard from; fans have given high marks for its realistic depiction.


At the opening matches of this year’s Indian Premier League season, Jio Cinema provided viewers with a novel and interactive streaming experience unlike anything they had experienced before. Their goal was to give fans an innovative new way of watching their team live by giving them full control of the viewing screen; viewers could adjust camera angles and replay key moments while even communicating directly with players during playback!

Experience was a success, with users applauding its innovation and new way of experiencing IPL matches. App clocked 50 crore match views in its inaugural day alone – marking it one of India’s biggest OTT market launches ever!

IPL is an international phenomenon, second only to America’s National Football League in terms of broadcast value per match, and has become an advertising holy grail for big media companies like Disney and Hotstar, who have spent billions purchasing rights for IPL matches on TV screens across India. But Jio Cinema’s announcement to offer IPL matches free on its SVOD platform could alter how IPL tournament is experienced across India.

Although the Indian Premier League (IPL) can have its fair share of corruption, match-fixing, and sexual scandals, it still offers thrilling viewing for its many passionate fans. With all its glitter, glamour, money, and backroom dealings that create gripping on-screen drama.

IPL has always offered brands an invaluable platform to showcase their products or services to an enormous audience, but with the advent of OTT platforms has altered how brands engage with IPL viewers – especially rural markets with accessible mobile data access – which has caused changes to marketing approaches and viewing habits for many viewers of IPL. This has brought with it new marketing challenges for advertisers as viewers switch between TV channels and digital streams when watching IPL games. This has caused significant shifts in how it is promoted and consumed compared to before.

Jio’s OTT offering of IPL matches on its platform is set to transform the industry. While Star Sports may still win out when it comes to TV viewership, Jio could gain significant market share within India’s rapidly-emerging OTT market – making competition more intense than ever and raising stakes even higher than ever.

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