6 Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Unless you love clean spaces, organizing something can be like climbing a mountain. In other words, something you don’t want to do. But, you will eventually have to organize areas of your home.

With the right approach, it can even be an enjoyable project. To give you an idea, here are some things you need to know to create a clutter-free bathroom.

Take Stock of What You Have

Before getting into it, take a moment to assess your space and your belongings. Empty out cabinets, drawers, and any other storage areas, and take stock of your toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, and other items.

Once you’ve taken stock of your belongings, consider categorizing them to make organization easier. Group similar items together, such as toiletries, haircare products, skincare items, and cleaning supplies.

Buy Storage Containers

With a clear understanding of your space and belongings, it’s time to invest in storage solutions that will help you keep everything tidy and accessible. Storage containers, baskets, bins, and drawer organizers are all excellent options for your bathroom essentials.

When you buy storage containers, choose transparent options whenever possible. Clear containers allow you to see what is in them very easily, making it easier to find what you need without rummaging through multiple containers.

Declutter and Purge

Now, it’s time to declutter and purge any items you no longer need or use. Go through your toiletries, makeup, skincare products, and cleaning supplies, and honestly assess whether each item is still serving its purpose.

As you declutter, pay special attention to expiration dates on beauty products and medications, as well as the condition of towels, linens, and other textiles.

Organize with Purpose

Effective organization is all about creating designated zones for different categories of items, so that each item has a designated home. You can start by creating zones based on how much you use the things and the type of item.

For example, designate a drawer or shelf for frequently used toiletries and skincare products that you reach for daily. Reserve lower or less accessible areas for items that are used less frequently, such as spare towels, cleaning supplies, and backup toiletries.

Utilize Wall and Door Storage

In a small bathroom, maximizing vertical space is essential for optimizing storage and keeping clutter at bay. Look for opportunities to utilize wall and door storage to free up valuable floor and countertop space. Work with a professional bathroom renovations company to come up with your new room design and layout.

Install shelves or floating cabinets above the toilet or sink to store towels, toiletries, and decorative items. Wall-mounted organizers, such as baskets or hooks, can provide convenient storage for frequently used items like bathrobes, hairdryers, and toiletry bags.


Stay on Top of Organization

Once you’ve organized your bathroom, stay on top of organization and cleanliness regularly. Add simple habits into your daily and weekly routines to keep your bathroom looking its best.

Take a few minutes of each day to tidy up and put items back in their designated spots. Wipe down countertops, sinks, and mirrors daily to prevent grime and buildup from accumulating. Schedule regular deep cleaning sessions to tackle more intensive tasks like scrubbing tile grout, cleaning shower doors, and disinfecting surfaces.

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