What Are the Uses of Oilfield Equipment?

Oilfield equipment is specialized tools that help oilfield projects run smoothly and minimize the environmental impact. While it can be expensive to buy this equipment outright, Oilfield Equipment Rental US is much more affordable, especially if the equipment is only needed for a short period.

Downhole Tools

Downhole tools are a vital component of oilfield operations. They help minimize costs and optimize oil well performance by performing various operations, from fishing out stranded equipment to measuring and repairing well casing.

During drilling, downhole tools are attached to the drill or work string by an upper piston and a lower piston. The ‘downhole system connects these.’ These are characterized by a piston lock, a part of the string, a shear pin, or both. This tool apparatus is then trailed upward to complete the target interval perforation.

A stainless steel Dewar flask insulates the main body housing of a PTS tool. This feature greatly reduces the rate of temperature build-up inside the tool. In addition, it prevents EMI (electromagnetic radiation) from entering the tool.

Pumps & Valves

Control valves are an essential part of an oilfield equipment’s piping system. They help regulate fluid flow rate, protect equipment, and guide the refining process of crude oil.

The primary purpose of a pump is to lift fluid. It features a movable barrel with a plunger with a standing valve attached to it. The fixed barrel is designed to be partially filled with fluid, and the movable barrel has a cavity that allows fluid to move at a lower pressure. The bottom tube has a protective bushing to prevent contaminants from entering the cavity.

Drill Pipes

Drill pipes are an essential part of oilfield equipment. As they are used in deep water drilling, they just need to withstand pressure changes and be strong enough to carry the weight of components needed for deeper drilling. Drill pipes are produced in some sizes and materials. As a result, they are classified by the API into several classes.

Drill pipes come in various diameters and materials and can be bought new or used. Typically, drill pipes are two to six 5/8 inches in diameter. They are manufactured from a variety of steels with different strength levels. Drill pipes are subject to a lot of stress when used in the oil and gas industry, so it is vital to ensure that they are regularly inspected and repaired.


Degassers are common oilfield equipment used to remove gas from oil wells. They are available in many sizes and types. Typical units include a skid, pump, and control system and can operate up to 1200 GPM. Typically, degassers are used for onshore and offshore drilling. However, they also have other applications, such as mining and dredging.

A vacuum-type degasser is a round, horizontal, or vertical pipe that draws in gas-cut mud. Once the gas is in the pipe, the vacuum pump forces it to escape through internal baffle plates, and the gas is released into a flare or environmental control system.

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