What Are Marine Inspections Services?

This article discusses a few marine inspection services, including High-Resolution Color Video, Remote visual inspection, and Digital Clear Clear Water Photography. In addition, you might consider a company that provides Non-Destructive Testing services.

Digital Clear Water Photography

Digital Clear Water Photography (CCWP) is an underwater photography system developed by Seaward. It records video, audio, and still photos in zero visibility. It uses various non-destructive testing methods to obtain the best possible photos and videos. It is suitable for marine inspection services.

Remote Visual Inspection

A remotely operated system, or RAS, can complete a test protocol simultaneously as a human surveyor. A key factor in RAS’s success is effective communication between the human surveyor and the pilot. For example, the pilot might not be familiar with the ship’s environment, while the human surveyor may lose orientation due to looking at the screen.

Remote visual inspection can benefit a variety of industries. For example, it can conduct pre- and post-shutdown activities, confirm breakdowns, and perform engineering investigations. It can also be used for routine maintenance and repair activities.

Remote visual inspections can improve the quality of surveys by recording inspection data, which can be incorporated into a report. Additionally, this data can serve as a reference for future surveys. In the future, advanced digital technologies may help improve the efficiency of ship inspections by automating data collection and quantitative data and enabling more objective assessment.

High-Resolution Color Video

High-Resolution Color Video marine inspection services are performed using the latest digital image enhancement technology with high-end video cameras. They provide real-time monitoring and allow clients to view the inspection footage live. Images can also be stored on conventional USB drives or sent directly to the client’s office. The technology also uses still photography systems to provide a variety of photographic presentations. These include wide-angle views and photo-mosaics.

Your video’s resolution affects how realistic and clear it appears, as well as how much detail it contains. The standard aspect ratio of 16:9, which is the most typical aspect ratio for television and computer monitors, is used to measure it. A video with fewer pixels has a lower resolution, and one with more pixels has a higher resolution.

There is no way to magically increase lower-resolution footage after it has been shot, but you can always decrease a video from a high resolution to a lower one. Therefore, you must ensure that your resolution is high enough for the various formats in which your footage may be viewed while taking care to avoid wasting storage space by setting it too high.

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing, or NDT, is a type of asset maintenance performed without affecting the object. It helps avoid accidents by identifying the cause of failure and determining measures to extend the life of an asset. It’s also used in welding inspections to ensure procedures are followed.

There are two types of non-destructive testing: visual and ultrasonic. Understanding the differences between the two is necessary for companies to meet their clients’ testing needs. The methods vary in precision. A company should understand the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

Non-destructive testing services can also detect leaks in marine vessels. For example, acoustic emission testing (AET) detects acoustic emissions, indicating a defect. The intensity of these emissions can also reveal information about the location of the defect.

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