Weight Loss Diet: What to Do?

If you are a male and you want to look attractive, dashing, fit and stylish then you should pay attention to your fitness level. Of course, nobody is going to judge you for anything but it is good to work on your health and fitness. You can easily come across an excellent diet plan for weight loss and ensure that you are fit and sexy.

Remember that when you are simply considering weight loss for males, there is going to be no one specific diet that works perfect or apt for all. However, the post is going to share with you some points that may be helpful.

You should consume High protein

A high protein diet most of the times involves eating high protein foods and low carbohydrate foods. These foods can really help a person feel fuller for longer and even diminish overeating. Remember that high protein foods encompass:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • legumes
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • nuts and seeds
  • whole grains

There has been a research that showed that men who followed a high protein diet were quite more likely to maintain their weight loss compared to those on a lower protein diet.

Go for Vegan diet

A vegan diet includes avoiding all animal products and even consuming only plant-based foods. You know there are certain foods that you should avoid when following a vegan diet and these include:

  • dairy
  • eggs
  • fish
  • meat

There are also foods to consume when following a specific vegan diet and that include:

  • fruits
  • whole grains
  • legumes
  • vegetables
  • nuts and seeds
  • plant-based proteins, such as soy and tofu

Plant-based milk

A study was there that found that adults who were overweight and followed a vegan diet for 6 months underwent greater weight loss compared with those who followed simply a semi vegetarian or omnivorous diet for the same sum of time.

Mediterranean diet

Now, the Mediterranean type of diet most of the times consists of the following

  • a huge per portion of plant-based foods, such as:
  • whole grains
  • vegetables
  • legumes
  • nuts and seeds

The below given foods in moderation:

  • seafood
  • dairy
  • poultry

Additionally, you should know that this diet just recommends the occasional consumption of red meat and even sweets.

Workout and exercise routine

Along with your diet, you have to work on your exercise regime too and you should consider:

Strength training

Strength training helps you in building muscle. In general, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the more calories you do burn. Strength training or even resistance training is any exercise that triggers your muscles to work against an external weight or even force. Examples include:

  • weightlifting
  • exercises involving the usage of any resistance bands
  • exercises that demand a person to use their own body weight

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

Now, High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts include alternating between short, intense spurts of exercise and even low intensity exercise. It is an alternative to moderate-intensity continuous type of training (MICT).


To sum up you should talk to a dietitian and ensure that you follow a lose weight diet plan male and have a fitter and healthier you.

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