Using Technology to Enhance Assignment Quality

Technology to Enhance Assignment Quality

Today, the use of technology has become part and parcel of life. So, it’s obvious that the field of education will need it, too. The idea that textbooks are the only source for writing assignments is not sufficient anymore. One needs smart tools to lessen stress and make the activity fun.

Mentioning which, collaboration tools are of great help when it comes to effective assignment making. Many experts, like the ones offering online assignment helpat prefer them for faster results.

In fact, you will get services that say, “Need English assignment help?This page has the best tools for your grammar!” All of these are meant to give you a quality assignment solution for which you don’t have to keep biting your nails!

Now, let’s find out what are the options and possibilities of using technology for better assignments –

Presentations and Games

PowerPoint presentations can engage students while introducing important concepts in the classroom. Links to films that support the concepts offered in the PowerPoint presentation deck can be incorporated into the slides, in addition to the usage of images and bulleted information.

You can review your content using educational apps like Kahoot. While students can create anonymous user names to play the game, teachers can also develop and share Kahoots with one another.

Students who might ordinarily be reluctant to participate in class can now participate in it as a whole.

Online grading tools

Usually, this kind of tool is what educators will prefer to use. But what’s in it for you?

Well, with the help of online grading platforms like PowerSchool, you can achieve grades, examine your past academic trends, and manage transcript data.


Here, you can get information, feedback, and annual academic projects that can keep you ahead.

This is a tool where even parents are able to manage and organize their emails using software like Listserv.

Again, teachers can inform parents of significant announcements, newsletters, and conversations to maintain open contact lines.

Now, here are some methods that can make lessons and assignments more fun –

Digital Exit Tickets

The time saved at the end of class for exit tickets allows for simple technology usage.

Now, exit tickets may be presented as:

  • Online Journal Entries – Students can use an online journal to record their learning in a journal entry.
  • Slideshow Comments: Using PowerPoint or Google Slides, students can review and elaborate on key themes by adding comments to copies of the slideshows from the day’s session.
  • Tweets – Students can sum up the most crucial concept they learned in class in 140 characters or fewer. You can quickly see what they posted by encouraging them to use a hashtag specific to their class.

Online mind maps for brainstorming 

There are tools you may use to quickly and clearly build mind maps rather than written ones, which is a digital approach to brainstorming.

For example, MindMeister’s features are intended for both students and educators; many instructors, for instance, use it. Here, one can display the program to everyone on a screen. This helps in discussing potential ideas as a means to reinforce lessons or kick off a problem-based learning exercise.

This kind of educational equipment takes no more than a few minutes.

Examine, review, and comment on web content

Here’s how to take notes using technology: Discover a website with material that relates to or reflects your lectures, and ask project groups to take notes right there.

By entering the URL of any page, you can use a program like Bounce to generate an interactive screenshot of that page. One will see commands to add notes, feedback, and other adjustments when they open the screenshot.

With a thoughtful discussion, this group activity can improve everyone’s assignments. Each group is allowed to offer suggestions and remarks for improving the content of the website. After each group has finished, the adjustments can be compared to see which group made the biggest improvements to the page.

A webpage or blog for a group project

You can work on assignments centred on developing a page or blog without having to collaborate in person.

Students can make one as a project on a pertinent subject. Because each student must add original information to the page and collaborate with others to revise and improve one another’s work, this method naturally promotes teamwork. This group paper may also prove to be more interesting than the traditional version.

Blogging may be a creative outlet for students, and it works particularly well in writing-intensive programs like language arts. One can contribute on poems, short essays or journal entries from the context of a historical figure or character from a novel

Advanced Study Work with Cloud Storage

These days, research is much simpler for students because of cloud storage. The days of having to go through mountains of books to find a specific reference to help them with their assignments and projects are long gone. Research has been a very useful tool with technology.

Students are able to include a great deal of knowledge and information in their assignments because research takes up a small fraction of the time it once did. The most obvious benefit a student receives in his life is probably the ability to get various solutions and outcomes from all over the planet. Google’s enormous search engine deserves all the credit.

Open Learning

Numerous reputable universities offer several free possibilities in today’s technologically advanced globe. You may easily access the internet using your device from anywhere and research your possibilities.

Your grades no longer have to suffer because the internet will undoubtedly give you the best search results and support your educational demands.

Final Words,

The options above on using technology for academics are just a few of the other trends online. But, for now, try applying them. What you will witness is more engagement in coursework and newer perspectives!

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