The Ultimate Guide to RAW Rolling Papers: Types, Sizes, and Features

Rolling papers are an essential element of the smoking experience, and one brand that stands out in the market is RAW. Known for their commitment to quality and eco-friendly practices, RAW rolling papers have gained a loyal following among smokers. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of RAW rolling papers, exploring the various types, sizes, and distinctive features that make them a preferred choice for many.

Types of RAW Rolling Papers

Classic Rolling Papers: The foundation of the RAW brand is made from natural, unbleached fibers that result in a light brown hue. These papers offer a pure smoking experience devoid of added chemicals or dyes. Classic RAW rolling papers are available in different sizes, such as 1¼, King Size, and King Size Slim.

Organic Hemp Rolling Papers: Crafted from organic hemp fibers, these rolling papers maintain the brand’s commitment to natural materials. The organic hemp papers are notably thin and offer a slow, even burn. They also have a distinct earthy aroma that enhances the overall smoking experience.

Black Rolling Papers: RAW Black papers are designed for those who prefer a slower burn and a bolder taste. These papers are double-pressed to create an ultra-thin sheet, allowing for a smoother and more controlled burn. The distinctive black color is achieved without the use of harsh dyes or additives.

Sizes of RAW Rolling Papers

1¼ Rolling Papers: This is the standard size for most rolling papers and is suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers. RAW’s 1¼ papers offer a balance between ease of rolling and the amount of material that can be packed.

King Size Rolling Papers: For those who enjoy larger smokes, King Size papers are an ideal choice. They provide more room for tobacco or herbs, allowing for a longer smoking session. RAW King Size papers come in both the classic and the King Size Slim versions, offering a narrower width for a more controlled roll.

Emperor Size Rolling Papers: RAW’s Emperor Size papers are designed for grand occasions. With their generous dimensions, these papers enable you to roll truly impressive smokes that can be shared among friends.

Distinctive Features of RAW Rolling Papers

Unbleached and Additive-Free: One of the most appealing features of RAW rolling papers is their commitment to using unbleached fibers and refraining from adding chemicals or additives. This translates to a purer and cleaner smoking experience. 

Natural Gum: The adhesive used to seal the rolling papers is derived from natural, plant-based gum. This gum is both effective and safe, ensuring that your joint holds together without compromising your health.

Watermarked for Even Burning: RAW rolling papers are watermarked with a crisscross pattern that helps maintain an even burn. This design prevents the paper from burning too quickly on one side and ensures a smooth smoking experience, just like you experience with zig zag wraps

Vegan-Friendly: Given the brand’s emphasis on natural and sustainable materials, RAW rolling papers are also suitable for vegans. This aligns with the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and ethical choices.

RAW Accessories

In addition to their renowned rolling papers, RAW offers a selection of accessories that enhance your smoking sessions. From filter tips that improve airflow and filtration to rolling trays that provide a convenient surface for preparation, RAW’s accessories are designed to complement their papers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable smoking experience. These accessories are thoughtfully crafted to align with RAW’s quality and user satisfaction commitment.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to rolling papers, RAW has truly elevated the smoking experience by offering a range of high-quality options. From the classic unbleached papers to the innovative black papers, RAW’s commitment to natural materials and user satisfaction shines through. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just beginning your journey, the variety of sizes and features RAW rolling papers offer cater to every preference.

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