Overview of Different Types of Heavy-Duty Casters

Casters are the wheels that make heavy equipment portable. For example, they make trash cans mobile and make cleanup easier. You can also use them to move heavy pieces of furniture and equipment. Learn more about the different types of heavy-duty casters. There is a caster that is right for your needs.

Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series

The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) series heavy duty casters offer an upgrade over the original PSD Series. They feature a 0.5-inch thick forged steel mounting plate that is robotically welded to a 6.25-inch diameter forged steel ring. These casters are available in six to twelve-inch wheel diameters, with load capacities ranging from 840 to 10,000 pounds.

The Precision Super Duty series casters feature a forged steel construction emphasizing good proportions and balance. These casters are superior to designs that feature unit load bearings.

Threaded Stem Casters

Threaded stem heavy-duty casters provide mobility to furniture and equipment. They have a screw thread at the top to attach to the equipment and are easy to clean and lubricate. They are available in different sizes and thread diameters. This gives you a range of options when selecting casters for your furniture.

There are two basic types of threaded stem casters. One is the standard type, and the other is the threaded stem type. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the correct type will depend on the application and the thread pitch of the wheel. The thread pitch will also affect the overall height of the caster.

Another type is the top plate caster. These casters have a top plate and are generally cheaper than threaded stem casters. They are also available in both rigid and swivel varieties.

EPSD Series

The EPSD Series heavy-duty casters are designed to accommodate wheels up to 12 inches in diameter. They come with six different polyurethane tread wheel types and feature maintenance-free double-sealed precision ball bearings, or hard-wearing precision tapered roller bearings. The casters are also fitted with a 1″ diameter grade 5 axle for maximum durability.

Heavy-duty casters are also known as industrial casters, capable of carrying much heavier loads, up to 30,000 lbs. These casters are available in a rigid or swivel design. Heavy-duty caster wheels are often made from hard-wearing materials and feature a bolted flat plate for durability. They are typically used on various materials handling equipment, from dolly carts to heavy-duty storage racks.

Face Contact Brake

Heavy-duty casters can be fitted with a face contact brake for increased safety. This braking mechanism works by pressing the caster’s face to stop the wheels from spinning. As a result, it is easy to engage and disengage. This type of braking system is commonly found on casters with two-inch wheels.

There are many different types of caster brakes. Some are geared, and some are single or double-sided. In either case, the choice depends on the application. Heavy-duty locking casters usually feature double-sided brakes, which are economical and can be field installed. However, these casters are unsuitable for environments requiring a lot of movement.

Another type of brake is a total lock brake. This type locks the wheel and swivel rig to prevent rolling. They are normally made from rust-resistant thermoplastics. They are secured to the caster with a ridge. Total lock brakes are not field-installable.

Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane heavy-duty casters offer similar benefits as rubber casters, including higher load-bearing capacities. These casters also tend to provide better traction, reducing floors’ stress and preventing sliding. These casters can also withstand harsh environments, such as oil, grease, salt, blood, and harsh chemicals.

Heavy-duty casters can be purchased in single, double, or triple wheels and are available with multiple brake options. Heavy-duty casters feature double ball races, heat-treated king bolts, and cage-type hardened roller bearings. Their durable construction and easy-to-use design make them ideal for industrial use.

Some of the most popular models of heavy-duty polyurethane casters are manufactured by Hamilton. For example, the Super last(r) series of polyurethane wheels are available with 6,000 lbs. capacity. In addition to these wheels, the Ergo-Tech series of wheels features a capacity of 1,700 pounds.

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