Noida Educational Institutions That Offer Outstanding Pre-Nursery to High School Education

Noida is one of the most well-endowed cities in India in terms of its employment opportunities, infrastructure and quality of living. Add to that the fact that schools Noida as well as the high schools are some of the best anywhere. Any parent seeking class 11 admission for their child has a wide choice in terms of schools. Let us take a look at some of the best preschools in Noida, as well as high schools that offer class 11 admission.

Noida Educational Institutions That Offer Outstanding Pre-Nursery to High School 

  • Global Indian International School, Noida

Global Indian International School, Noida, is one of the best-known pre-nursery to grade 12 schools in the city. It offers its students a world-class campus boasting every possible cutting-edge amenity and facility to make world-class holistic education possible. The teachers it employs are extremely qualified and experienced. It is no surprise that it is one of the most sought-after schools in the region and an excellent choice for class 11 admission.

GIIS Noida which is part of a globally renowned chain of international schools offers its students access to the well-known Global Montessori Plus syllabus for pre-nursery to KG2 students and CBSE curriculum for students studying in classes 1 to 12. The school boasts an excellent track record with regard to its students doing extremely well in their chosen field of study after completing school.

  • Delhi Public School, Noida

Delhi Public School, Noida, has been one of the most respected nursery-level to grade 12 schools in Noida since the 1980s. Established under the aegis of the iconic DPS Society, New Delhi, DPS Noida, is easily recognized by its graceful brick-lined buildings spread across its sprawling campus. 

This CBSE co-educational school provides its students with cutting-edge facilities as well as an extremely enabling atmosphere to receive a world-class holistic education. Its teachers are easily amongst the best anywhere in terms of their experience, ability and qualifications. 

DPS Noida is definitely one of the best schools in the city to seek class 11 admission. Its track record with regard to its student’s performance both academically and in a range of extracurricular activities speaks for itself. It is not surprising that its students go on to do very well with whatever they take up in life after graduating from school.

  • Shiv Nadar School, Noida

Shiv Nadar School, Noida, is a world-class nursery to grade 12 education on its all-rounder campus that offers the best of amenities and facilities. Importantly the school offers its students access to the best Indian and international curricula incorporating CBSE, IGCSE (Cambridge), International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. 

It goes without saying that this is a great school for class 11 admission. Shiv Nadar School, Noida, is the right choice for students who wish to make an outstanding career for themselves both in India and abroad.



Noida undoubtedly has an outstanding educational facility in the country providing top-notch quality education to its students. The schools here cater to the educational requirements of all the children living in the city by ensuring that they are able to learn, grow, and develop to the best of their abilities and potential. Having that said, it is evident that preschools in Noida or even the high schools in this city are some of the best anywhere.

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