Lucida: Offering Durable Laminates with the Highest Level of Finish

Who does not want to decorate their home house to give them an aesthetic appeal? These days, Laminates have become popular among homeowners and interior designers due to the benefits they provide. They have a glossy finish which gives your home a clean look for many years.

Read the article to learn the benefits and features of Lucida Laminates.

Aesthetics on Point with Lucida Laminates 

The uniqueness of Lucida Laminates lies in its features. Here are some of the features of Lucida Laminates.

Virokill Technology 

CenturyPly has invented high-tech technology, Virokill technology, whose primary goal is to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to make your house safe and clean. The upper layer of Lucida laminates is enriched with Virokill technology. The nanoparticles present in them kill all the harmful microorganisms after they come in contact with them, making your house safe and clean.


One of the biggest advantages of Lucida Laminates is that they are budget-friendly. Most of the sections of society can afford to enhance the beauty of their house. Moreover, they don’t lose their shiny appearance even after years of usage, which makes them value for money. Lucida laminates are an excellent option to invest your money in decorating your interiors.

Stain and Scuff Resistant 

These are beautiful laminates that can be used anywhere in the home without fear of stains and scuffs.

Additionally, they are easy to clean. Just clean it with a damp cloth using a few drops of water. Protect them from the harmful rays of the sun, and you will have interiors that will not lose their glossy finish even after wear and tear use.

Color Richness with a Wide Variety

Lucida Laminates are available in different patterns, textures, and colors. This allows customers to choose from a wide range of varieties to style their homes the way they want them. You can buy laminate sheets in a specific color theme to give the required aesthetic approach to your home.

Heat and Impact Resistant 

Lucida laminates are Durable Laminates that are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and changing climatic conditions. Similarly, impact resistance means laminate sheets will have no effect if you drop heavy objects on them from a distance. They will not break.

Where to Use Lucida Laminates to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home? 

Decorate your home with a wide range of Lucida laminates. These laminate sheets are perfect for almost every surface. Here are some ideas to install these beautiful laminate sheets in your home.

Enhance the Elegance of Your Bedrooms

Ditch the paint on your bedroom wall and decorate them with laminates to make them long-laster.

Use Laminate Sheets in Living Rooms and Dining Areas

Add charm to your room with Lucida laminates in your dining rooms to enhance your mood and leave your guests in a state of aww.

An Excellent Choice for Your Kitchen

Since these laminates are stain and scuff resistant, these are the perfect choice for your kitchen. You can decorate your kitchen racks, countertops, and even cabinets to give them a sophisticated but cliché look. The antimicrobial properties and Virokill technology will keep your kitchen safe and clean.

In a Nutshell 

Lucida Laminates are an excellent range of laminates by CenturyPly to enhance the look of your interiors and furniture. It brings elegance and sophistication to your home by providing you with a peaceful environment with positivity. The benefits of Lucida laminates do not diminish even after years of usage. So, decorate your home with Lucida Laminates. Visit the official website of CenturyLaminates to know more.



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