Living in Florida? Take Note of These Interior Design Tips

A lot of people dream of living in Florida, and for good reason. Combining tropical, traditional, and modern styles, a Florida-inspired interior design can easily make you feel that you’re on an island vacation all year round.

But how exactly can you achieve that look and feel for your home? Here are some useful Florida interior design tips:

Use neutrals as your base. Florida interior design is all about being light and breezy, so you’ll see a lot of neutral palettes like beiges, whites, and pale blues that provide the perfect base for the rest of your interior design elements. Neutral palettes also make Florida rooms look and feel spacious, and they give you more design possibilities.

Think about tropical patterns. You can’t live in Florida and not be influenced by its tropical vibe. Whether it’s incorporating plants around your house or choosing wood elements for your furniture, get inspiration from your surroundings to really make your home feel like a tropical vacation.

Work with your interior design team in choosing different tropical patterns that work together in a space without making it look and feel cluttered.

Incorporate geometric patterns. A lot of Florida interior design tips encourage you to use geometric patterns in strategic areas of your house. For instance, you can use a rattan bed with geometric patterns on the headboard to give your room that eclectic tropical vibe.

Another great way to incorporate geometrics into your interior design is by using rugs that don’t only define space but also add more texture to it. Just make sure to work with your interior designer and only use geometrics sparingly, so they don’t overpower the rest of your design elements.

Add a touch of metallics here and there. Although Florida-inspired style is all about being laidback and relaxed, you can still make these Florida rooms look glamorous, especially your dining and entertainment area by adding hints of metallics in the right places.

For instance, if you have some wood cabinets, replace the knobs with metallics, so they look more glammed up. It’s really all about mix and match here, and your interior design team can help you create a balanced design combining tropical and modern design elements.

Make it more femme with florals. Of course, you can’t think about Florida style without florals, and you can incorporate them into certain areas in your house that you’d want to feel a bit more feminine like your bathroom, for instance.

Aside from adding fresh flowers, you can also choose cushions or comforters with floral designs. Just remember that less is more when it comes to adding this pattern since it can get too cluttered if you’re using a lot of it around your house.

Did these Florida interior design tips inspire you? Take note of the elements that you want to incorporate into your own Florida home and communicate this with your interior design team, so you can achieve the look and feel that you want.

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