Can You Have Lasik Surgery After Radial Keratotomy?

Lasik Surgery After Radial Keratotomy

We are blessed with this kind of technology, and these days we have an opportunity to get the benefit of various advanced eye surgery procedures very easily. Millions and billions of individuals worldwide have all gone through Lasik eye surgery and are enjoying its benefits.

Radial Keratotomy, or in the short form ‘RK,’ is one of the most common procedures to correct myopia. For a long time, RK was the only main procedure which is mainly used for eye vision correction. Honestly, It also depends from patient to patient. For some, RK is the best option and has done a great job of giving them freedom from their glasses or contact lenses. Well, we all are well aware of the lasik eye surgery, which is the most popular and, at the same time, the most requested eye surgery since long back in the year 1990. At the same time, RK also helped many people around the year 1980 with the eye error of myopia.

This whole procedure can lead to many common questions in the mind of the patients, such as ‘Is it okay to have lasik surgery after the Radial Keratotomy?’

The answer to this can be ‘yes’ as well, even though lasik eye surgery can be done decades or even after the year of Radial Keratotomy. These RK patients are completely eligible for Lasik eye surgery, but at the same time, it can be challenging as well for them. It’s like every second procedure is considered complex in this case. A lasik surgery after the radial keratotomy increases the risk of breaking the flap during the procedure in between when the laser is used.

After one goes through the procedure, one cannot undergo any SMILE eye surgery {}; it is something that one might have to consider if the individual is not satisfied with the result that the person has received from surgery. Moreover, one can’t have laser eye surgery over RK eyes surge Like anybody who has laser eye surgery performed, anybody who had radial keratotomy and is in their late 40s or 50s is going to need to use reading glasses invariably due to presbyopia.

Moreover, the lasik eye surgery after the eye surgery is riskier. Although there is no such kind of huge difference between the eye surgery and Lasik eye surgery, even the Lasik eye surgery also provides far superior long-term outcomes to the patient; on the other hand, the is also considered to be a very effective refractive procedure for all the patients.


Despite all this, one can confidently say that a long-term Lasik procedure can be a higher risk than other procedures after RK for any patient out there. Proper and careful attention and consultation will help the person choose the best option and get a successful outcome.

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