Imovane 7.5 mg Can Help You Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, you may need to take a medicine like Imovane 7.5 mg. It helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and reduce the number of times you wake up during the night.

This medicine should be taken exactly as your doctor has prescribed. It is habit-forming, so taking it for too long or at the wrong dose can be dangerous.


The standard dose of Imovane 7.5 mg is one tablet taken on an empty stomach just before bedtime. The dose can be reduced for people who have liver or kidney problems.

The tablets contain 7.5 mg of the active ingredient, zopiclone. This drug is a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic that works by regulating the GABA receptor.

It has hypnotic and anxiolytic properties. It also reduces sleep onset time and helps you to fall asleep faster.

Imovane should be used as a short-term treatment for insomnia (usually 7 – 14 days). It is not a long-term solution because it may become habit-forming.

Do not take more than the recommended dose of Imovane unless your doctor tells you to do so. This can increase the risk of side effects.

Your doctor or pharmacist will explain what else you need to know about taking Imovane.

Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking Imovane if you have any symptoms of being drowsy, such as dizziness or light-headedness. It is best to wait at least 12 hours before driving or operating machinery.

Side effects

Imovane 7.5 mg is taken to help you fall asleep quickly and reduce the number of times you wake up during the night. It can also help you stay asleep for longer periods.

It is used for short-term treatment (2-4 weeks) of insomnia, which is a common sleep disorder. Continuous long-term use is not recommended.

In addition to the usual side effects that come with all medicines, some people can have addiction problems if they take this medicine for long periods.

For this reason, you should always tell your doctor if you are taking it for the first time or if you think you may be becoming addicted to it.

The most common side effects of Imovane are a metallic taste, drowsiness, and dry mouth. These side effects usually pass after some time, but they should be checked by your doctor if you experience them.


Imovane 7.5 mg is used to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. It is a sedative-hypnotic that can help you fall asleep faster and sleep for longer.

This medication should be taken as instructed by your doctor. It should not be taken while you are driving, using machinery, or doing anything else that requires your mental alertness.

It is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. The drug may pass into the breast milk and cause harm to your baby.

You should also tell your doctor if you have any other medical conditions, such as diabetes, or liver or kidney problems. You may need to take lower doses of Imovane if you have any of these conditions.

You should also avoid drinking alcohol or taking marijuana (cannabis) while you are taking Imovane. This can make you more drowsy and dizzy, and blur your vision.


If you take too much Buy Zopiclone Australia, you may experience serious side effects. These may include excessive drowsiness, slow breathing, and loss of consciousness.

You should contact your local poison control center or emergency room right away if you notice any of these signs of overdose. They will give you treatment to prevent further symptoms.

This medicine is a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic that relaxes the nerves and brain. It helps you to fall asleep quickly and sleep for a longer time.

The usual dose of this medicine is a single tablet taken just before bedtime. If you are over 65 years of age or have liver or kidney problems, you should start with half a tablet.

This medication should be taken at the same time each day. If you take it more than once a day, you will not get the best results from it. It is also habit-forming, so it is not recommended to use it for long periods.

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