How to Draw A Bubble Letter K Easily

How to Draw A Bubble Letter K. The letter K is one of the most difficult letters to write at the beginning. Luckily, the uppercase and lowercase of this letter are pretty similar, so it’s easier.

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It may not be the most common letter in the alphabet, but we still use it quite frequently.

One benefit of a more complex letter is that you can make it look pretty cool in design. That’s exactly what we aim to achieve with this guide!

In this guide we will go through 6 steps to draw a bubble with the letter K. We will show you how to draw it and then give you some ideas to color it.

As a bonus, we also introduce you to some fun ideas on how to get to the next level! So grab your drawing and painting tools and get ready for the fun as we begin the guide.

How to Draw A Bubble Letter K

Step 1

As mentioned above, the letter K can be a bit difficult to write at best. There are three lines that need to interact with each other at certain angles, and that can take some getting used to.

When learning how to draw a bubble, we often recommend that you first pencil the letter. This is something we particularly recommend here.

You can do this by lightly drawing a large version of the letter K as you would normally write it. Then we can draw the bubble with the letter K around it.

As for the first step, we’re going to keep things nice and simple. First we draw in the upper part of the pointed part of the letter on the top left.

Just draw a curved, rounded line to make it look like our reference image. Once this is done, we can proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Next we will finish the left side of the letter K. To do this, we will extend the line that you drew in the first step.

First, draw down from the left side of the curved line from step 1. It is initially a vertical line, but it should have a slight ripple.

At the base it will rotate and rise again as shown in our reference image. You should end up with a tall, thin oval shape.

On the right there will be an empty space, which you can see in our example. This will be completed shortly in the next few steps.

First we move on to step 3 once you are ready and satisfied with the progress so far.

Step 3

If you look at the letter K, you will see that there are two branches sticking out of the vertical line on the left side.

In step 3 we will add the top branch of the bubble letter K design. The top part of this branch starts right where the gap we left in the shape starts.

To add this branch, we’ll use another line that curves around itself to form a thin oval shape.

As you can see in the reference image, this shape is roughly the same height as the top of the shape on the left side of the K.

There will still be an empty space under this branch, but we will fill this space when we finish the outline in the next step of the guide.

Step 4

You can now complete the outline of this letter by adding the final branch of the draft.

You’ve already done this a few times in this guide, so this should be easy for you!

We’ll again create a long, rounded shape that extends beyond the space we left earlier. This time it will be angled down as you see in the picture.

Now the gap is filled and you have the complete shape of the letter K. It might seem complicated at first, but now you see how easy it can be when you disassemble it!

You’re ready to move on to some final details, but be sure to take the time to make sure everything is exactly how you want it.

Previously it was recommended to first draw the letter with a pencil, now it’s time to erase those lines before proceeding.

If you have a nice pen or marker to use for the final outlines, do so now to make it look the best it can be.

Whenever you’re ready, we can give you the finishing touches to really get it right!

Step 5

You’ve completed the more complicated parts of this project and now it’s time to draw some additional interior details. The design already looks great, but these will help make it even better!

The main goal of these additional details is to complete the idea that it is a bubble. This makes the letter look like it’s actually a bubble or reflective balloon.

First we draw some round shapes on the top points of the letter. These serve to show where the light is reflecting off the surface of the letter.

Once these have been added we can add some lines within the design along the inside edges of the K.

These should be added sparingly, but a few lines make it look more like a bubble with some volume. You can recreate the look in our theme, but don’t be afraid to try other ideas too!

You could draw some patterns or create a texture with different line details to take other approaches.

Step 6

This is the final step of the tutorial and now it’s time to have fun with your favorite art supplies!

That means it’s time to add some color to your design and with that, you can let your creativity run wild.

There are no wrong ways to colorize this design, but we’ve given you a starting point with an example.

For our design, we chose a pink color scheme to make this image stand out clearly from the page. The idea is to make it look like a bubble and you can use your own colors to do that.

The pink color is fairly dark and solid throughout most of the image, but lightens around the reflective oval details we drew.

This helps give the balloon a more realistic texture and gives clues to the light shining on it. You can choose the same colors as us, but you can also use any other color!

When adding color to this design, you can also try combining different art tools and techniques. Now it’s up to you, so let your creativity run free and see what happens!

Your Bubble Letter K Drawing is Finished!

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