How to Download Movies on PC? Step-By-Step Tutorial

Do you ever come up with the question “How to download movies to my computer from the Internet”? Yeah, you may definitely, because that’s why you are here. Don’t worry anymore, Thanks to thousands of movie download sites and services it is completely easy now! And also there are many movie streaming services where we can watch movies and TV shows whenever and wherever we want.

But people still like downloading movies and watching them in their free time. Because of the slow Internet connections. It’s never been easier to download and save movies to your desktop and laptop. But here we focus on simple methods to download and watch movies on a PC in a free and safest way. They are; using torrents, free movie sites, and on-demand services.

The following article includes well-tested different tools and services. So read through the article and find everything about the best method to download movies and TV shows on your PC.

A simple way to download movies on PC using Torrents

Torrent stream is the leading method to download movies to a computer. Beware of the dangers when using this smart software. Make sure to use a trusted VPN to hide your IP address when using torrent clients. It comes with a lot of malware or adware, so be careful with the installation process.

Here are the simple steps to download and save movies on your PC for free using Torrents.

  1. Download and install the BitTorrent client on your PC.
  2. Now search for your favorite movies on the BitTorrent search engine.
  3. Double-click and open the torrent file to load it into your Torrent client. The download will start automatically.
  4. Be sure to scan the downloaded file for viruses.
  5. Once the download is over, you can open the movie and save it on your PC.

Make sure to delete or remove Torrent files from your BitTorrent downloader.

How to download movies on PC using on-demand services

There are some subscription services, such as Netflix, that let you stream movies instantly and download them to your computer for offline viewing for a monthly fee. Other services, like iTunes and Google Play, offer movies that you can buy and download individually without paying a monthly fee. Some services, like Amazon Video, offer both options. Some popular on-demand movie services are:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • YouTube
  • iTunes Store
  • Google Play Store

So how to use those services to download movies onto your PC to get an unbelievable experience? Let’s find out in the below steps.

  1. First, select the on-demand service that you want to find.
  2. Go to the service’s official website using your browser.
  3. Most movie services need you to have an account so, sign in or create an account before accessing their content.
  4. Now you can see the recommended movies or otherwise browse for the movies.
  5. Check to find out if it’s available for download.
  6. Now select the movie quality you want in both SD & HD definition formats.
  7. Decide whether you buy or rent the movie.
  8. Finally, click the Download button to get your movie on your PC.

A step-by-step guide to download movies on PC using free movie download sites

Here is another free solution on how to download movies to a laptop or desktop – dedicated free movie download sites where people can download movies without registration or installation. Usually, these sites provide a direct download option. We have come up with the best online movie downloaders such as; 123movies, and FilmXY, and watch movies for free.

But there are many disadvantages when you are using online downloaders for PC such as;

  • They are very unstable when online video downloading
  • Comes with annoying ads
  • Some services are not safe to use

If you still prefer to download movies from online movie downloaders, here are the simple steps.

  1. First, select the movie you want to download
  2. Choose the movie downloader you want to download movies.
  3. Copy and paste the movie link on the movie downloader page.
  4. Select the video quality and hit the “Download” button.

Download your favorite movies on PC using desktop software

Do you know you can download your favorite movies by just downloading desktop software? It will be a good way to download and save movies on your PC without using any annoying and time-wasting methods. Here we come up with the best desktop software to download movies.

  • 4K Video Downloader
  • ByClick Downloader
  • VideoProc
  • ZiniTevi Download

So among them all, I get the impression of ZiniTevi because it comes with lots of features and the latest option to make your video streaming experience a memorable one. So it is free and compatible with all the devices such as PC, MacBooks, Android, iOS, and more. We make sure that this is the best movie streaming and download software with high-quality download options.

Here’s how to download it on your PC. ZiniTevi is not running on PC directly. But you can run it by just downloading the BlueStack application.

  1. Download the BlueStack application on your PC.
  2. Install it using the on-screen instruction the app provides.
  3. Now you can download the ZiniTevi APK file on your PC.
  4. Navigate to a download file and open it with the BlueStack from the menu.
  5. Now the APK installer will appear on your screen and follow the instructions.
  6. ZiniTevi will install on your PC within a few seconds.

So these are the best methods to download and save your favorite movies from your PC. It’s your choice to select the best method and enjoy your movie-downloading experience. All those methods have their own pros and cons, so make sure to find the easiest way with fewer cons. Let’s get started!

Summing up

I hope now you get a better idea of how to download your favorite movies on PC. Downloading movies on a PC may be a little bit more difficult for you. But now with our guide, it will never be as difficult as before. All the methods we mention here are easy to operate and free to use. So you can try any of these methods to save your favorite movies effortlessly. Why are you waiting? Download your favorite movies onto your PC and enjoy your leisure time with your friends and family.

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