How to Care for Your Kurta to Make Them Last Longer

It is essential to take good care of your clothes when it comes to ethnic wear because they are delicate when it comes to embroideries, textures, designs, and colours. Therefore, they might get damaged if not taken care of properly. As we know, the beauty of any ethnic wear comes from its design, and one should follow the caring tips and instructions properly. Along with this, there are a variety of online kurta sets for women from where you can find the right fit and style according to your choice and the occasion. However, to ensure that your kurta sets last longer and maintain quality, it’s essential to take proper care of them. In this blog, we will explore tips on taking care of your ethnic wear to increase its longevity. 

Here are some tips on how to care for your kurta sets

1. Stain Removal 

One of the significant concerns with any kurta set is its maintenance, especially regarding stain removal. A single stain can ruin the entire look of your kurta and make it unwearable. Therefore, it is essential to know how to remove stains from your kurta to make them last longer. 

The first and most crucial step in stain removal is to act fast. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to remove the stain. Please don’t wait to treat your kurta when you notice a stain on it. Blot the stain gently with a clean cloth to remove any excess liquid. Avoid rubbing the stain, as it can spread and make it harder to remove.

Before you start treating the stain, it is essential to identify the type of stain. Different colours require different treatments, and using the wrong method can damage your kurta. For example, oil-based stains require a different approach than water-based stains. If you need more clarification about the type of stain, check the care label on your kurta set for any instructions. Therefore, remove the stain using natural remedies or a commercial stain remover. 

2. Hand wash or gentle cycle

Once you have determined the best way to wash your kurta set, it is time to prepare the water. If you wash your kurta set by hand, fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water. Add a small amount of mild detergent to the water and mix it well. If you use a washing machine, set the machine to the gentle cycle and add detergent to the dispenser.

If you are washing your kurta set by hand, carefully submerge it in the water and gently agitate it. Pay attention to areas that may be more spoiled than others, such as the underarms or collar. If you use a washing machine, place the kurta set in the machine and start the gentle cycle.

Once you have finished washing the kurta set, rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Be sure to remove all the detergents from the kurta set to avoid damaging the fabric. After rinsing the kurta set, gently squeeze out the excess water. Do not wring or twist the fabric, as this can cause damage. Instead, lay the kurta flat on a clean, dry towel and roll it up to remove any remaining water. 

3. Hang dry

Are you tired of your favourite kurta losing shape and colour after a few washes? Hang-drying your kurta can help them last longer and retain their shape and colour. After washing, gently squeeze out the excess water from your kurta sets. Do not twist or wring the fabric, which can cause it to lose shape.

Hang your kurta on a clothesline or drying rack. Use hangers wide enough to support the garment without stretching it. Avoid hanging your a line kurta for women in direct sunlight, as this can cause the fabric to fade. 

Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in your a-line kurta sets while damp. This will help them retain their shape and reduce the need for ironing. Next, allow your a-line kurta sets to air dry completely before wearing or storing them. This can take several hours, depending on the humidity and temperature of your environment.

4. Iron carefully

Ironing your clothes may seem tedious, but it plays a crucial role in maintaining your clothes’ appearance and durability. When it comes to traditional Indian wear, such as kurta sets, ironing becomes even more critical. Ironing your kurta sets can make them look sharp, fresh, and longer. 

Ironing your kurta sets can make them look crisp and fresh. This removes wrinkles, creases, and unsightly folds caused by storage or washing. In addition, a well-ironed kurta set can make you look put-together and polished, leaving a good impression on others.

Ironing can also help prolong the life of your kurta sets. When you don’t iron your clothes, the fabric fibers can bunch up, leading to damage and wear and tear. By ironing your kurta sets, you can prevent the fibers from bunching up and keep the fabric in good condition for longer.


Caring for your kurta is essential to ensuring they last longer and retain their beauty. By following the tips mentioned in this article, such as hand-washing, storing them properly, and avoiding direct sunlight, you can extend the life of your kurta and get the most out of your investment. Additionally, purchasing online kurta sets for women can offer a convenient and affordable way to add versatility to your wardrobe while ensuring you always have a well-maintained and stylish outfit. With these tips and tricks, you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of your kurta for years to come.

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