How To Boost Your Content for Mobile Search Optimization

Internet traffic is increasingly coming from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. SEO marketers have to make sure their content is accessible and user-friendly for mobile users instead of ignoring this new trend. It’s time to start optimizing your content for mobile devices so your web pages don’t lose their rankings in the search engines. Here are some easy ways you can go more mobile with your content.

Simplify Your Design

First, make sure your web page designs aren’t too busy and overwhelming for mobile devices and users. You may need to simplify your design to help make it more accessible for smaller screens. This may mean making your text a little larger and adding more white space. Aim to display your content in portrait mode and eliminate any wide-spanning icons or text blocks so your users don’t have to scroll left or right.

Avoid Pop-Ups, Automatic Videos, and Busy Ads

Next, take out any pop-up windows, autoplaying videos, or busy ads that could potentially block information from your page. These promotional widgets may look fine on a desktop experience, but a mobile phone, with limited space, may not be able to handle all of the extras. Pop-ups, ads, and videos that play automatically are also annoying to users and could lead to frustration.

Improve Loading Speed

Loading speed is another big part of a mobile-friendly site. If your site is too slow, users will quickly exit and go to another listing in their search engine results. Google’s benchmark for mobile site loading is 22 seconds, so you must ensure your content loads faster. Keep your loading speed optimized by eliminating any fluff and focusing on the basics. Reduce the sizes of your images, modify your code, delete unnecessary plugins, and possibly switch to a faster server if you want to increase your site’s speed.

Design a Mobile App

Finally, instead of focusing all of your energy on your site, you may want to invest in creating a mobile app that is more engaging and interactive for your users. When working on mobile app development, you still want to listen to great tips about online marketing. See them here and determine how they fit into your app development.

If you want to get more out of your digital marketing campaign, focus on making your company’s online experience better for mobile users. Optimize your site for mobile devices or make a feature-filled app to improve the experience.

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