Frequently Asked Questions about the Employee Retention Credit

Questions about the Employee Retention Credit

Hello there! The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) has been a lifeline for many businesses during these uncertain times. But, like most tax-related things, it can be a bit confusing. Let’s dive into some of the people’s most common questions about ERC requirements to understand this credit easily.

What’s this Employee Retention Credit all about? 

Think of it as a government-backed pat on the back for businesses that tried hard to keep their employees during tough times. It’s like getting a refundable tax credit for doing the right thing.

Who can get this ERC thing?

Initially, it was for businesses closing or having fewer customers because of COVID-19. But they’ve loosened the rules, so now more businesses can grab it, even if they got a PPP loan.

Can I have PPP and ERC simultaneously?

Yes, but you can’t double-dip. If you use some wages for PPP forgiveness, you can’t use those wages for ERC. But you can use them in different ways to get more help for your business.

How do I figure out how much ERC I can get?

Oh yes, this can get tricky. It depends on how much you pay your employees, how many you have, and what period you’re discussing. It’s like a math puzzle you solve with an ERC credit company.

Is there a limit to how much ERC I can get?

Yep, there’s a cap. You can usually get up to $7,000 per employee per quarter, 70% of their qualified wages, but not more than $10,000 per quarter. So, if you paid an employee $10,000 or more in a quarter, your max ERC for them is $7,000.

Can I return and grab ERC for previous quarters?

You can snag some ERC for eligible quarters in 2020 and 2021. But it’s like finding money in your couch cushions – you’ve got to meet all the rules.

How do I get this ERC cash?

You claim it on your federal payroll tax returns (Form 941 for quarterly). It’s like telling the government, “Hey, I did this good thing, and I’d like my reward now, please.”

Can I get some ERC credit as a self-employed person, too?

Yes, you sure can. You can use ERC to keep employees on board and running smoothly if you have employees.

Can nonprofits and tax-exempt groups join the ERC party?

Absolutely! Nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations can usually get in on the ERC action if they meet the right criteria. Just ensure you understand the rules – maybe chat with a tax guru for extra clarity.

What about my family members or fellow owners? Can I claim ERC for them?

Not so fast. If your family members or co-owners have a big stake in the business (50% or more), you can’t claim ERC for their wages. There are exceptions, but you might want to discuss it with a tax whiz.

Can I return and fix old tax returns to get ERC?

If you missed out on ERC in the past, you might be able to fix that by amending your old tax returns. It’s like returning in time and ensuring you got all your birthday presents.

Any recent updates on ERC?

As of our last update in September 2021, ERC was still around, but the rules might have changed since then. Always stay in the loop with the IRS or a tax pro for the latest info.

Can I use ERC for future years?

ERC was mainly for 2020 and 2021, but there could be updates or extensions. Check with the IRS to see if it’s still a thing in the future.

Do I have to pay taxes on ERC money?

Nope, ERC itself isn’t taxable income. However, the wages you used to calculate ERC are still subject to regular payroll taxes.

What documents should I keep to prove my ERC claim?

Keep good records of your eligible wages, the number of employees, and any government orders that affected your business. It’s like keeping receipts for important stuff – you’ll need them if you ever get audited.

Can I get some help navigating ERC?

Absolutely! Dealing with tax stuff is like navigating a maze sometimes. Tax pros, accountants, and CPAs are like your GPS – they can help you understand if you qualify and how much you can get and keep you on the right path.

What if I have questions about ERC that aren’t covered here?

Great question! Tax matters can be super complex, and everyone’s situation differs. Don’t hesitate to contact an ERC credit company like Claim ERC Credit for personalized guidance. They can help you understand everything and ensure you’re making the most of the Employee Retention Credit.

In a nutshell

The Employee Retention Credit is like a financial pat from the government for keeping your employees during tough times. It’s a bit complex, but you can make the most of it with some guidance from ERC experts. Remember, ERC requirements laws change, so always stay updated to maximize your business’s benefit.


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