eClinicalWorks EMR Vs. NextGen EHR: all you need under one roof

We understand that you are lost while trying to find software that fits your profession; it happens to the best of us. Yet we’re here to assure you that you have our support. In order to relieve some of your burdens, we have compiled the greatest list of features that compares eClinicalWorks emr vs NextGen EHR. Let’s examine how these two programmes have risen to the top and, more importantly, whether they are suitable for you.

What is eClinicalWorks EMR Software?

The eClinicalWorks programme, a data solution, provides medical offices access to electronic health records (EHR). It is meant to help doctors and other healthcare providers manage patient records, schedule appointments, note visits, and bill for services. It also provides capabilities for managing telemedicine consultations, population health, patient involvement, and revenue cycle management.

eClinicalWorks EMR Features

Health Management

The capabilities in eClinicalWorks can help doctors monitor and manage the health of their patient groups by recognizing patterns and risk factors and developing targeted interventions. The platform also includes a complete patient record system that enables medical professionals to easily access and alter patient data such as demographics, medical histories, allergies, prescriptions, and test results.

Scheduling of Appointment

Healthcare practitioners can plan their schedules and make patient appointments using the software’s appointment scheduling tool. The convenience of the scheduling features allows users to make important changes to the appointment calendar, making the front desk personnel of eClinicalWorks EHR more productive.

Patient Portal

Users of the software can interact with their healthcare providers online and access personal health information like medications, supplements, test results, and billing through the program’s patient portal. As a result, there is an overall rise in patient enjoyment and involvement.

eClinicalWorks EMR Pricing

RCM as a Service, EHR with Practice Management, and EHR Alone are the three price tiers offered by eClinicalWorks. EHR plans cost $449 and $559 per provider each month, with the RCM tier giving users 2.9% of practice collections free of start-up fees.

eClinicalWorks EMR Demo

Do you want to know how the software functions or how the aforementioned features seem in use? Set up a demo right away to learn more!

eClinicalWorks EMR Reviews

According to the eClinicalworks review software’s overall functionality and variety of capabilities have gotten a lot of excellent user reviews.

What is NextGen EHR Software?

Two doctors founded NextGen EMR in 1998 with the goal of improving the efficiency of operations in medical offices. The company’s founders developed a method to accommodate staff and physician workflow utilising basic, affordable technology that is accessible from anywhere and can be customised to each facility’s unique workflow.

NextGen EHR Features

Utilise Like A Pro

Navigating NextGen EMR is significantly made easier by its straightforward, basic UI. The thought that doctors are constantly strapped for time informed its creation. A single panel with large, easy-to-select icons makes all the features accessible. You’d soon be able to manage everything with ease.

Smart Portal

Due to its simplicity of use, an intelligent patient portal is now required for EMR. Due to a personnel deficit, the nurses are regularly given administrative roles at independent hospitals.


The next component we’ll talk about is the e-prescribing function of the EMR, which assists in detecting drug interactions, dosage issues, and patient allergies. Using this EHR, you may create digital prescriptions and send them to the pharmacy of your patients’ choice. After then, patients can pick it up whenever they like.

NextGen EHR Pricing

You can contact us by selecting “Get Price” to obtain pricing organised for your practice.

NextGen EHR Demo

Before you make any decisions, you must see a demonstration. To see all of the features of NextGen ehr, you can arrange a demo.

NextGen EHR Reviews

Most NextGen EMR users laud the features for being incredibly useful and user-friendly.

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eClinicalWorks EMR Vs. NextGen EHR Software—Final Thoughts

eClinicalWorks is a well-liked EHR programme that is widely used in the healthcare industry. It has several features, including population health management and custom patient portals. The platform is compatible with Mac, Chrome, and Windows browsers and is available on mobile devices. However, some have observed that the eClinicalWorks user interface is somewhat cluttered or confusing, making it more difficult for inexperienced users to navigate.

Here is our assessment of NextGen. NextGen Office provides the necessary tools that medical professionals and their staff need at the point of service without any internal IT overhead. Also, the solution works with any internet-connected device. Between patients or away from the office, providers can touch, talk, or type encounter notes directly into the clinical record template, saving time and promoting a healthier work-life balance.

We sincerely hope that our assistance made you feel a little lighter and contributed in some small way to your joyful choice.


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