DL2032 Vs CR2032 Battery: Which One Is A Better Coin

You might have to choose between DL2032 and CR2032 when it comes to selecting the best coin battery for your gadget. Despite having a similar look and size, one battery may be a better option than the other due to its different specifications. We will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each battery to determine which is best in this post. So lets get started dl2032 vs cr2032

What are DL2032 and CR2032 batteries?

Coin-shaped lithium batteries with a nominal voltage of 3 volts are both dl2032 and cr2032 batteries. Small electronic devices like calculators, digital thermometers, remote controls, and others frequently use them.

The brand name for this kind of battery is Duracell, which is represented by the letters “DL” in DL2032. While “CR” in CR2032 denotes the type of battery according to IEC.

Physical Differences between cr2032 vs dl2032

The cr2032 and dl2032 batteries are very identical physically. Both batteries have the same 3.2mm thickness and 20mm diameter. The labeling on the battery itself is the only distinguishing feature. The color pattern of DL2032 batteries may differ from that of CR2032 cells, although this will depend on the manufacturer.

Electrical Differences between DL2032 and CR2032

Despite having the same size and nominal voltage, the two batteries differ electrically in some important ways. CR2032 battery has 225mAh capacity and  DL2032 battery has  220mAh capacity. Then the CR2032, which has the highest discharge current of about three milliamperes, and the DL2032 battery has the lowest maximum discharge current of 1mA.

Advantages of DL2032

Because the DL2032 battery has a larger capacity, it can power your device with more energy. This can be especially helpful for equipment like digital cameras that consume more electricity. Additionally, the DL2032 battery may be better suited for low-current devices due to its lower maximum discharge current.

Advantages of CR2032

The CR2032 battery is better suited for high-current applications like LED torches since it has a greater maximum discharge current. The CR2032 battery is furthermore more commonly accessible and may be discovered in most electronic retailers.

Disadvantages of DL2032

For devices that demand high currents, the DL2032 battery’s lower maximum discharge current may be a drawback. With a battery high capacity will have short operating life if it not constantly used

Disadvantages of CR2032

The CR2032 battery’s smaller capacity may make it less suited for devices that need more power, including digital cameras. If that battery is being used in small current-using devices high discharge current causes the battery to operate fastly

Which Battery Lasts Longer?

Compared to the DL2032 battery’s operating life which is  8 years, the CR2032 battery has longer operating life 10 years. The battery’s actual longevity, though it is affected by frequently using and the amount of power the device needs

Which Battery Has More Voltage?

The nominal voltage of the DL2032 and CR2032 batteries is 3 volts. There is no differences of volts between the two batteries

Which Battery is More Common?

The CR2032 battery is more widely available and can be found in most electronic stores. The DL2032 battery is less common and may only be available through specific manufacturers or online retailers.

Which Battery is More Cost-Effective?

Depending on the producer and reseller, the price of DL2032 and CR2032 batteries might change. However, because it is more widely available, the CR2032 battery is typically more affordable.

Which Battery is Better for Your Device?

The particular requirements of your device will determine whether you should use a DL2032 or CR2032 battery. The DL2032 battery can be a better option if your gadget needs a bigger capacity and a lower discharge current. The CR2032 battery, however, could be a better choice if your gadget demands a greater current and has a shorter shelf life.

How to Replace a Coin Battery

There are some steps used for the replacement

  1. Remove the device’s battery cover.
  2. Take out the old battery.
  3. Insert the new battery, making sure the polarity is correct.
  4. Replace the battery cover.

Tips for Extending Battery Life

Follow these tips for extending the battery life

  1. Store batteries in a cool, dry place.
  2. Remove batteries from devices that won’t be used for an extended period.
  3. Avoid exposing batteries to extreme temperatures.
  4. Don’t mix old and new batteries.
  5. Turn off devices when not in use.


In conclusion, there are benefits and drawbacks to using DL2032 and CR2032 batteries. The DL2032 battery has a bigger capacity and is better suited for devices that require low current, even if the CR2032 battery has a higher maximum discharge current and is more readily accessible. The final decision between the two batteries is determined by the particular requirements of your device.

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