Blue Sapphire: The Gemstone Of Fame And Success

The natural gemstones that come in a variety of colors are enthralling to many individuals all around the world. One of them is the Blue Sapphire, often referred to as the Neelam stone in Hindi. It has a Beautiful royal blue hue with an alluring luster. This resilient gemstone is not only stunning but also strong. It can assist you in overcoming a variety of personal and professional obstacles. It is considered by astrologers to be the most potent and effective gem in both Vedic and Western astrology.

The connection between Neelam Ratan and Saturn, also known as Lord Shani, the planet of Karma that teaches its inhabitants to be tenacious, upbeat, and robust, is the cause. The Shani elegance and capacity for good actions are imparted to the wearer of blue sapphire. In the ‘Sade Shani Dash’ time, it is extremely helpful. These days, you may purchase gemstones, like Manik, Panna, and Pukhraj, online.

Although sapphire is found deep underground, it is well known for giving positive energy to the wearer. In this post, we will discuss the distinct advantages it provides to individuals who wear it.

Blue Sapphire Meaning In Astrology

Blue sapphire stone is related to the planet Saturn, which represents truth, knowledge, and riches. This Neelam ratan is the birthstone for September babies. The wearer’s throat chakra is stimulated by this stone, which makes it easier for him to express himself.

Because of this, it is believed that blue sapphire enhances a wearer’s confidence and communication skills. Additionally, it promotes rational thought in the individual, opening the door for spiritual enlightenment.

Additionally, it enhances the wearer’s intuition and provides excellent insights.

Blue Sapphire Stone Benefits

Blue Sapphire brings about quick success. By breaking and overcoming the hurdles they meet, the individual who wears it gains professional and financial progress. Blue Sapphire may change a person’s poor luck into good luck by providing them with several opportunities in their profession and career, bringing them riches and recognition. Blue Sapphire improves concentration and focus toward goals. As a result, professionals and students who operate in a rigorous and goal-oriented workplace would profit greatly from it.

The original blue sapphire stone stimulates and drives its bearers to achieve their goals and become well-known. People who work in creative fields such as painting, jockeying, singing, cinematography, directing, theatre, dancing, and martial arts can benefit greatly from the blue sap stone. Neelam stone is also beneficial to one’s health. Wearing this stone promotes digestive health and increases metabolism. It aids in the prevention and treatment of various illnesses and disorders affecting the stomach, groin, foot, and skin. It also aids in the prevention and treatment of nervous system disorders, renal problems, paralysis, stroke, bone cancer, and other illnesses.

The original Neelam Stone is an extremely protective stone that acts as a shield. Neelam Stone protects you against harm caused by robbers, misfortunes, and natural disasters such as fires, floods, and tempests. It also aids in protection against the evil eye, enmity, jealousy, and hexing, among other things. It is said to shield the user from conspiracies and concealed foes.

Bringing in fame and success.

Reducing anxiety and despair and purging the wearer’s mind of sad or unpleasant thoughts. Improving concentration and clarity when making decisions, as well as minimizing confusion.

Who Should Wear The Blue Sapphire (Neelam)?

Natural Neelam Ratna or a genuine blue sapphire gemstone connected with Saturn or Lord Shani. It is advantageous for those born in September or who are Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, or Taurus. It can also benefit individuals who are going through the ‘Sadhe Shani Saati’ or ‘Dhaiya’ periods of their lives.

However, before wearing this powerful stone, it is best to consult with a skilled astrologer or gemologist. Furthermore, before you wear a Neelam, you should check with an experienced astrologer. It is vital to check that the gemstone is suitable for your birth chart.

Method For Wearing The Blue Sapphire Stone

The blue sapphire Gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn, astrologers advise wearing it on a Saturday. The best time to offer and wear prayers is in the morning.

Before wearing the stone, you must thoroughly clean it three times with Gangajal or raw cow’s milk. Then recite the next 108 times while wearing the stone, and the last 108 times while chanting.

“ओम शं शनिश्चराये नमः”

“Om Sham Shanish-charaaye Namah”

Whenever you wear anything as a ring, place it on your middle finger. While women can wear it with either hand, men should wear it with their right hand.

Cost of the original Blue Sapphire (Neelam) stone

Since blue sapphires are a rare gemstone, they will cost more if they are genuine. The cost per carat is INR 1000. However, it may reach millions of rupees.

The cut, carat, clarity, and color of a blue sapphire stone, as well as the place where it was discovered, all affect its price. The price of a stone increases with its fineness and rarity.

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Where to Purchase an Original Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

The Blue Sapphire commonly known as Neelam Stone, is associated with Planet Saturn or we can say Lord Shani which is known as Lord Karma. It has very astrological benefits like improving concentration and focus towards goals and also has given so much Fame and wealth to its wearer. The Blue Sapphire is one of the most powerful Astrological gemstones and also it is the Fastest-acting Gemstone in the world.

The Blue Sapphire gemstone is one of the Navratans and it is so precious, Now you can buy this Gemstone or any other gemstone like Ruby, Red Coral, Hessonite, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald and so many other precious and Semi-precious Gemstone at wholesale prices in the world. From Rashi Ratan Bhagya, Here you can get high-quality gemstones from different Origins around the world, with a certificate of authenticity.

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