The Average Cost Of A Vending Machine In India

Technology is advancing, and vending machines are becoming popular every day. The machines offer beverages, snacks, food, health and stationery products. You can differentiate by their features such as voltage, capacity, size and many others. Before purchasing, understand that the price relies on the machine type and purpose.

What’s the Average Price of Vending Machines

The price range of vending machines in India begins from Rs 15,000, and the expensive ones can cost as much as Rs 4-5 lakh. Depending on requirements and budget, those needing these machines can acquire them monthly and install them in hostels, hospitals, schools, hotels, malls, airports, and offices. Having the machine in these places can offer various benefits as they operate 24/7 and provide the necessary products to customers.

What’s the Cost of Different Vending Machines?

  • Snacks Vending Machine

The most popular vending machines dispense snacks such as candy, potato chips and packaged food items. A good one will cost you around Rs.247,000 to Rs.400,000. The cost of vending machines may go higher or down depending on the brand, size and manufacturer.

  • Beverage Vending Machines

These machines dispense cold drinks such as energy drinks, soda or fruit juices. A new beverage machine may cost from Rs.320,000 to Rs.490,000. Some of these machines come with features such as unique refrigeration technology and custom branding, which leads to an increase in price. 

Factors Affecting the Vending Machine Cost

The price of vending machines is affected by various factors, which include:

  1. Type of Vending Machine

The type affects the vending machine cost. Snack vending machines are less expensive than drinking vending machines, and combo machines are between the two prices. The vending machine you get depends on your budget. The snack vending machine will suit you if you want a cost-effective vending machine. However, a combo machine is the best option for more offerings.

  1. Size and Capacity

Size and the capacity of the machine are other factors. Large vending machines with greater capacity for beverages or drinks cost more than smaller ones. But if you are getting a vending machine for a home or small office, go for a smaller one to save on cost and space. However, a bigger vending machine with great capacity would be an excellent investment if you place it in a high-traffic area.

  1. Age and State 

The age and state of a vending machine in India will affect the cost significantly. Vending machines with more advanced features and aesthetics are pricier than older models. But also, an older model in good working condition will still be relatively expensive. If you get such a machine, inspect it to ascertain its good condition before buying.

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  1. Brand and Manufacturer

The model and manufacturer play a considerable role in determining the vending machine’s cost. Big brands tend to be pricier than less-known brands. Additionally, some manufacturers might produce high quality with more advanced features that will cost more.

  1. Lease or Purchase Options

The cost of the machine can be affected if you choose to lease or buy one. Initial cost when leasing is less, but you may pay more to own it. But purchasing a vending machine needs a higher upfront investment, which may save you money in the long run.

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It is essential to understand the price of vending machines before purchasing one. There are different vending machines, and their features affect the price. So, before purchasing, consider size and capacity, age and condition, brand and manufacture and the type of machine.


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