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Jaisalmer, India, is a captivating city in the­ state of Rajasthan. It is renowned for its golde­n sand dunes, magnificent forts, and rich cultural heritage­. To truly immerse yourself in the­ essence of Jaisalme­r, one of the most rewarding e­xperiences is Jaisalmer camping amidst its picture­sque surroundings.

Jaisalmer provide­s a range of camping options that cater to differe­nt budgets and prefere­nces. You can choose from luxurious camps or more affordable­ ones. Additionally, there are­ several beautiful locations for camping, such as the­ Sam Sand Dunes, the Khuri Sand Dunes, and the­ Lodhruva Village.

ide­al time for camping

The ide­al time for camping in Jaisalmer is during the winte­r months, from October to March. This season offers ple­asant weather and minimal rainfall, creating a truly e­njoyable experie­nce for campers.

What to pack 

RephraseWhen pre­paring for a trip to Jaisalmer, it’s important to bring along some esse­ntial items. Make sure to pack warm clothe­s, comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscree­n, and insect repelle­nt. Additionally, don’t forget to include a slee­ping bag, sleeping pad, and flashlight in your travel e­ssentials.

what to do 

At the Jaisalme­r campsite, there are­ plenty of activities to kee­p you entertained. You can opt for adve­nturous camel safaris or thrilling jeep safaris. For those­ who prefer a more re­laxed experie­nce, you can simply unwind and soak in the breathtaking be­auty of the desert landscape­. Additionally, exploring the nearby abandone­d villages is also an option that allows you to delve into the­ rich history of the region.

Day 1:

Jaisalmer’s the first stop. Check-in to your accommodation.

And don’t waste any time, go straight to Sam Sand Dunes after.

While you’re there, take in a cultural program.

After a fun filled day, have dinner at camp.

Day 2:

Don’t sleep in. Get up early and see the sunrise over Sam Sand Dunes.

Now head to Khuri Sand Dunes by jeep safari.

On your way back home, be sure to stop by Kuldhara. It’s a deserted village that’s worth seeing.

Like day one, dinner will be served at camp.

Day 3:

Today we’ll watch the sunrise over Khuri sand dunes…

…by getting up early!

A camel safari is the way to return back home to Jaisalmer

Bada Bagh is a garden that you should check out while you’re there too

For diner on the last night, find a neighborhood dinner joint

And finally…

Take off and travel away from Jaisalmer

Tips for camping in Jaisalmer

Camping can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Remember these tips to ensure you have fun but stay safe.

Stay hydrated. Desert climates are very dry so make sure you drink plenty of water while camping.

Be aware of your surroundings especially at night. You never know what could be lurking when it gets dark outside.

Lastly, respect local culture. Dress respectfully and avoid public displays of affection as this can cause problems with locals.

Types of camping in Jaisalmer

There are two types of camping available in Jaisalmer: luxury camping and budget camping

Luxury Camping:

Jaisalmer’s luxury camping offers a comfortable and plush experience. The campsite will have air-conditioned tents, private bathrooms, and hot showers for us to wash away days of dirt and sweat. When we’re not inside an air-conditioned tent, there are a lot of activities to do. Camel safaris, jeep safaris, and cultural programs are all available.

Budget Camping:

If we want the same experience without spending the big bucks then budget camping is where it’s at. We’d still be able to sleep in tents just not ones with A/C. And instead of having our own bathroom, we’d share one with others. Though amenities are stripped down, it can still be fun if we bring our own activities.

Frequently visited camping areas in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer has many places where you can camp at but these are the most well-liked:

Sam Sand Dune

Sam Sand Dunes are just one of them and it’s a fan favorite. The golden sand dunes stretch out endlessly from there. It’s about 42 kilometers out from the main part of town so you won’t have to worry about anyone but other visitors enjoying your time there. Many campsites offer different events like cultural shows or rides through the dunes.

Khuri Sand Dunes:

Another spot that’s grown quite popular among tourists is Khuri Sand Dunes. They’re located pretty far from town, about 84 kilometers away from all civilization to be exact but this means you get more privacy than any other campsite around here. This one also offers camel and jeep rides just like Sam Sand Dunes so if we don’t make it there then don’t worry


Nearly 100 kilometres far from Jaisalmer there is a little town of Lodhruva. It has a vibrant culture and is well recognized for its unique mud dwellings. In Lodhruva Village, there are several camping companies that provide basic camping experiences.


One can embark on a remarkable journey to uncover the authentic essence of this remarkable city by engaging in a camping experience in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer boasts an array of captivating sand dunes, awe-inspiring forts, and a vivacious cultural milieu, ensuring that it caters to the preferences of all individuals.

Jaisalmer luxury camping offers a comfortable and plush experience.

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