How To Effectively Presell Content And Courses [PODCAST]

Today, we’ve got a very special episode for you, especially if you’re looking to get launched quickly and don’t have a course or a product created just yet…

In today’s podcast, we reveal the process to ‘preselling’ your content, so that you can get paid BEFORE you deliver the course!

For those of you in the services or done for you space, this will also affect your business, since what you sell is often paid for before the service is rendered!

Here’s your QPC strategy that we go over in the show:

  1. (Optional) Survey your customer list or your prospect list to find out what they want
  2. Come up with an offer – something to sell
  3. Write & Schedule a webinar
  4. Promote your webinar on Facebook, Twitter or to your email friends / email list
  5. Do the webinar, selling your service or product at the end
  6. Fulfill!

In a nutshell, that’ll get your profitable with preselling quickly!


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