Creating ‘Self Liquidating’ Offers

The idea behind a self-liquidating offer is such that you make the money from your paid advertising back immediately, through the first product that you offer for sale.

In practical cases, it’s where you spend $1000 on traffic and make $1001 or more dollars back that very same day!

In all actuality, it’s the holy grail of Internet marketing because, once you have a self liquidating offer, you can scale it to the moon and the only thing hold you back is access to capital and funds to scale the offer.

Creating a self liquidating offer is largely dependent on the price points and the sales copy you use for your product, and that’s what we talk about it today’s podcast.

We cover:

  • How it’s easier to creating self-liquidating higher end offers that convert through a webinar or some other ‘sales event.’
  • Why you need upsells and downsells in place for lower ticket products and services
  • The best places to find traffic for your self-liquidating offer
  • And a whole lot more!

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