4 Ways To Turn What You Know Into A Paycheck

ktf newsBetween Kindle, iPad and the availability of ebooks, information is more readily at our fingertips than ever before.

In fact, if you have a short manuscript or Word document that you’d like to sell, you can upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing and start charging for it almost overnight!

Unfortunately, you have a sell a whole lot of copies before you start making any real money with it…

The fact remains that we, as humans, want to learn.  We want to read, grow and consume.  We want to better ourselves and learn more about the world around us.

The knowledge and experiences you have in your head is a very valuable thing, if packaged and sold the right way!

This article is going to reveal 4 ways that you can turn what you have in your head, your experiences, realizations, knowledge and perspectives, into something that you can sell online and ultimately change the world with!

1: An eBook

logo-adobe-pdfWhen I started online 8 years ago, ebooks were pretty badly understood.  Not only did you have to sell the idea of whatever was in the ebook, you also had to sell the idea of the ebook being digital itself!

Now, eBooks are commonplace.  Entire stores are dedicated to eBooks, like iBooks and the Kindle Marketplace, as well as some of the more direct response websites like Clickbank.

Ebooks are extremely easy to create.

That PDF is your ebook!

With the PDF, you can upload it to Kindle.  You can create a website for it and sell it on it’s own.  There are countless ways to sell it once it’s created.

The important thing is that it’s done…

2: A Video Course

videoJust like an eBook, a video course is going to be a way to package up your knowledge to sell, however it gets a little trickier.  Not only do you have to worry about brainstorming what will be included, you also need to create videos!

The good part about video courses is that you can charge more money for them…  Usually, in the realm of $67 or $97.  That means that you are making more money overall.

The bad side is that you don’t have the marketplaces like iBooks or Kindle to help you sell them, and creating video is quite a bit more challenging.  Not only do you have to brainstorm and plan, you also have to be comfortable talking in front of a camera or to your computer for hours!

Like eBooks, the process can be broken down into this:

Video courses are quite a bit more involved, for sure…  The extra money you make per sale though will be worth it.

(note: You can always start with an ebook and then move to a video course too, like we talked about in this video!)

3: An Audio Course

download_image1You don’t see as many audio courses or CD courses around anymore because video is pretty easy to create once you have the process down.  Even a few years ago,  you needed an expensive setup to do video.

Now, you really just need a computer and maybe a way to capture you on a camera!

Still though, audio courses are great ways of getting your content out there in a way that you can charge for it…

You still need to plan it out well, but after that it’s really just talking through the material that you want to present.  Here’s a blueprint for creating audio courses:

Being that an audio course is just audio, it’s easier to edit because you aren’t going through a ton of video.  It’s also quite a bit easier on your computer, being that you aren’t encoding gigabytes worth of data!

For more information on getting help to create an audio product, watch this video

4: A Membership Site

join-membershipThe last major way to sell digital information is a membership site.

Now, memberships have their advantages, including the ability to get paid monthly for access and that the course doesn’t need to be done before you start selling it…

A drawback is that you end up taking your product price and splitting it up over months instead of through a one-time investment or a payment plan.

For the reason, it’s hard to buy traffic for a membership site, especially when you’re getting into giving a 7-day free trial or anything of that nature.  Still, it’s a viable way of creating consistent income and serving your market at the same time.

To create a membership site, you’re going to need some of the stuff above…  Your customers will be buying reports, videos, audio recordings, etc.  Most likely, they won’t be buying blog entries (although they could!)

Here’s your blueprint for membershp sites:

Depending on your niche, you’ll find that membership sites are pretty commonplace and widely adopted in the market.  Like I said though, it’s hard to buy traffic to a low cost membership site unless you really know what you’re doing!

Wrap-Up: What Do You Know How To Do That Other People Would Like To Learn?

So tell us, what knowledge do you have that you can monetize?  What are the most frequent questions you get asked?  And ultimately, how do you plan on packaging your knowledge so that other people can buy it?

If you’d like a hand in creating, selling or monetizing your digital products, watch this video or fill out the consulting session form here!

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