16% Optin Increase With One 20 Second Tweak

I’m still a little dumbstruck by this…

Those are the results of our latest split test, and there was only ONE change made…

A very, very small one at that.

All of the traffic was the same.  The landing page was pretty much the same.  And yet, we got a 16% increase in conversions from this:


The simple TimeSlots ‘floating widget.’

That, my friends is a brand new widget that was just added to TimeSlots, our website scheduling software

And, besides making it super easy for someone to schedule a call with you – it apparently increases the trust that folks have with your webpage!  Enough to add 16% conversion onto already tested and proven landing pages.

Here’s the before:


Here’s the before image…

And the after:


And the AFTER – the winning variation!

Make sure you sign up for a TimeSlots account and test it out for yourself!

You’ll be glad you did…


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